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The Manchurian Restaurant was established in July 2005 and has since built up a reputation for quality traditional Cantonese food and Dim Sum. We are situated in an architect designed building reminiscent of a traditional pagoda with details highlighting the building's uniqueness. Cantonese cuisine originates from Guangdong (Canton) a province in Southern China and concentrates on fresh ingredients and the flavours of its primary ingredients therefore spices are used modestly and rarely use herbs.


Cantonese Restaurant

Our Cantonese menu consist mainly of dishes that are well known in many Chinese households a few examples are stuffed trio of aubergines, peppers and bean curd served in a light and delicious black bean sauce,
Roast crispy belly pork and steamed seasonal fish with spring onions with a touch of soya sauce. Call your local Cantonese restaurant for more details on our Cantonese menu.


For those who are less familiar with Dim Sum, literally translated to 'touch the heart' this type of bite sized snack is inextricably linked to the ancient tradition of 'Yum Cha' (to drink tea) hence you will notice most Chinese families will order a pot of Chinese tea as soon as they are seated. Dim Sum for many people is sometimes described as the Chinese version of the Spanish Tapas but many are served in bamboo steamer baskets and is eaten traditionally as breakfast or brunch. Each individual item of Dim Sum is hand made in our restaurant by a specialist Chef skilled in this art.

The choice is varied and ranges from steamed dumplings Har Kaw (prawn dumplings), Siu Mai (prawn and pork dumplings), Char Siu-baw (BBQ roast pork buns) to fried/grilled snacks like X.O. turnip cake (made with mooli or white radish and fried with a spicy paste served with finely sliced onions and bean sprouts). Perfect for those of you who love chillies!

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Our staff will be happy to assist you if a little help is needed to choose items you have never tasted before!

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